Cooking expertise, friendship and a shared passion for good cuisine and warm hospitality: our team shares the same view of sustainable culinary art and outstanding hosting at the highest level.


Sebastian Junge: Chef and activist for environmentally friendly and sustainable food culture.

Sebastian has been campaigning for a change in agriculture and nutrition, dealing with sustainable and ethical aspects of enjoyment. After his training at the hotel “Vier Jahreszeiten” in Hamburg, he went through different stages and competed internships as well as further training. Sebastian has gained international experience in Australia and also worked at the traditional hotel “Louis C. Jacob” in Hamburg, where he was the head chef at the “Kleiner Jacob”. He had the constant desire to become self-employed and realise his ideas and concepts of sustainable cuisine and hospitality. Through further training, such as the Slow Food Youth Academy or internships on organic farms, bakeries and butcheries, Sebastian has networked very well and understands how to obtain the best organic products from the surrounding area.

His profound understanding of agriculture and production processes are the basis for his ambitious and sustainable cuisine, which was awarded with the “Green Star” by the Guide Michelin. Sebastian is Hamburg’s first and only organic top chef and a member of the Slow Food Chefs Alliance as well as a passionate activist for a change in the food culture.



Mark and Sebastian have known each other for many years, ever since they were the kitchen team at a small French restaurant in Hamburg. Since then, they have been very good friends, Mark being the godfather of Sebastian’s daughter and professional colleagues.

Mark learned his trade at Hamburg’s restaurant “Brook” located in the Speicherstadt. Followed by stations such as the “Gastwerk” restaurant or “Heimat Küche and Bar” in the 25 hours Hotel. Most recently, Mark worked at Tim Mälzer’s “Off Club”. Together, Sebastian and Mark create ambitious, sustainable und creative dishes, which are strongly oriented on the ongoing season.



Jens grew up near Stuttgart and has now landed here in the north to complete his training as a chef. As a teenager, he learned the basics of cooking at home and intensified his passion during his first apprenticeship and the following studies in economics. Jens is particularly interested in topics such as sustainable agriculture and environmentally responsible food and its enjoyment. Before he started his training at “WolfsJunge”, Jens hitchhiked around the world und travelled to eastern India, gaining fascinating insights into the most diverse food cultures of this world. After he finished his travels, he then decided to turn his passion into a profession and started his training with us.


The man for good wind and warm hospitality – he already welcomed guests in renowned establishments such as the hotel “Louis C. Jacob”, the “Empire Riverside Hotel” or the Michelin Star rated restaurant “Piment”, where he was the restaurant manager for a total of seven years. At “WolfsJunge”, he will always make sure you have a great evening with special wine and drink recommendations and his charming manner.

Sebastian and Sascha met at the hotel “Louis C. Jacob”, where Sascha was in charge of the restaurant and Sebastian of the kitchen. Since then, they have shared a common understanding of how to welcome guests and their passion for excellent products.


Macarena Garcia | CHEF DE RANG

Macarena completes our team in front of and behind the counter as Chef de Rang. Macarena has a long gastronomy experience and previously worked at the restaurant “Turnhalle” in Hamburg for many years. She not only balances the plates out of the kitchen, but also keeps an overview at all times when things get a bit busy. You’ll meet Macarena always in a good mood mainly during the week at our lunch.