Sebastian Junge: Chef and activist for environmentally friendly and sustainable food culture.

Sebastian has been campaigning for a change in agriculture and nutrition, dealing with sustainable and ethical aspects of enjoyment. After his training at the hotel “Vier Jahreszeiten” in Hamburg, he went through different stages and competed internships as well as further training. Sebastian has gained international experience in Australia and also worked at the traditional hotel “Louis C. Jacob” in Hamburg, where he was the head chef at the “Kleiner Jacob”. He had the constant desire to become self-employed and realise his ideas and concepts of sustainable cuisine and hospitality. Through further training, such as the Slow Food Youth Academy or internships on organic farms, bakeries and butcheries, Sebastian has networked very well and understands how to obtain the best organic products from the surrounding area.

His profound understanding of agriculture and production processes are the basis for his ambitious and sustainable cuisine, which was awarded with the “Green Star” by the Guide Michelin. Sebastian is Hamburg’s first and only organic top chef and a member of the Slow Food Chefs Alliance as well as a passionate activist for a change in the food culture.