Committed to traditional craftsmanship, sustainable and social: these are the attributes that describe the orientation of our restaurant. In doing so, we want to promote an environmentally friendly and sustainable culture of enjoyment at the highest level.


For us, a great meal and a pleasant stay start long before your visit to our organic restaurant: in the countryside. We know where our products are rooted, who grows them, how you treat the soil and animals and who we support with them.

Handmade is what we call it, because we make everything ourselves, from sourdough breads to blood sausages and bratwursts, ham, chocolates, ferments etc.. Our small urban gardening project around the restaurant, the handmade tables or the pottery: we want you to have a special time and we are passionate about this – and above all we work together with great people to fulfil our concept of country and handmade.



We bake our own sourdough bread, know who grew the wheat and milled the flour from it. Everything we serve comes from our own production and is organic quality without exception. Also, we offer a contemporary service and present great wines. Let’s put it short: We are committed to traditional craftsmanship and love what we do. The traditional way of working combined with our idea of modern cooking and welcoming guests is our passion.


Most of our organic quality products are delivered directly from the producers themselves.

Regionality and seasonality are terms that are currently used in an inflationary manner and unfortunately appear in the wrong or purely promotional context very often. For us, however, these terms are the basis of our philosophy and our open communication makes this comprehensible and transparent.

Our menu is written by the season – therefore, we engage intensively with our producers and their fields of work, like organic farming and animal welfare. Our aim is to operate in a sustainable manner, which meansthat we consider and rethink all processes that occur in our restaurant, such as the choice of electricity providers, cleaning products or candles and toiletries. Together we stand up for an environmentally friendly and sustainable food culture.



It is important to us to think beyond our restaurant and also to empower those with whom we work. Every one of our purchasing and consumption decisions is ultimately also a political one and that we can thus support very specific forms of work and systems. That’s why we support social projects, hold harvest shares for solidarity-based forms of agriculture, work with inclusion workshops and small, regional businesses.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!